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PubMedPDF is a Document Management System which provides various useful functions. This uses ID which is used in the PubMed Database to automatically generate paper information. If the paper you want to register has that ID, you don't have to input any information.

Let's try PubMedPDF and make your own Document Database!

Feature of PubMedPDF

Automatically generates the paper information

You only have to do upload the PDF with PMID. This module automatically access PubMed database and pull out its information.

You can register any paper

You can register the paper which doesn't have PMID by inputting its information.

Various functions

We implemented various functions such as Bookmark func, Search PubMed database func, Search local database func, Note func, Generating Bibliography list func and so on.

XOOPS Module

PubMedPDF has developed as XOOPS module so you can make original paper database by using other XOOPS modules and themes.

If you want to have more information about XOOPS, visit XOOPS Cube Official Website.

Special mentions

System Requirements

XOOPS environment (PHP4 or PHP5, MySQL)
* When you use PHP4, domxml extension is required.


General Public License (GPL)


Document updated

v1.5 released



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